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Oct. 14th, 2013 @ 10:17 pm Dear Yuletide Santa
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I WILL LOVE WHATEVER I RECEIVE. Because nothing I've asked for has enough of itself in the world. So relax, and have fun!

If you're writing me Revenge, please know that the thing I love about the show is the core of humanity that Nolan is so obviously trying to save in Emily. I don't need them to be together for me to enjoy your story, but it is of course part of my sekrit dreams. Oh, remember the time she almost strangles him in her sleep? Good times. I wrote in the optional details:

I love them as friends. I love them as lovers. I love them as It's Complicated. I'd read just about anything about them in any context, but I like the notion that some day they might chuck it all and buy an island in the Caribbean together, either the same or adjoining huts, depending. Or something to that effect. I JUST NEED THEM TO BE HAPPY TOGETHER. If that's happily with their separate partners or happily co-parenting the baby Emily randomly gets knocked up with during some crazy sort of revenge-based sex, I will read the crap out of that fic. I'd read the one where Nolan gets Emily to give up revenge. I'd read the one where Emily takes Nolan to revenge camp. I'd read the AU where they're in the Regency era, or the AU where revenge camp is literalized and they are actually teenagers at Revenge Camp and Nolan is the spy gadget/arts & crafts counselor. I would read them in a house, on a mouse... you get my point.

And I really think that says it all. I would also happily read them reconciling after a break-up (romantic or friendship), Nolan nursing Ems back to health after a disaster or vice versa, and I occasionally ship them with Jack or -- yeah -- sometimes even Daniel. So I'm pretty open, and there's very little you could do to ruin this as long as they are still friends at the core of it. Friends, frenemies, friends who have sex, friends who aren't talking, friends who put together an elite squad of commandos to right wrongs, whatever. Friends.

If you are writing me Go On, I just love them all. The ensemble does it for me. I said:

The future is their friendships. Just let me have a little more going on. Maybe at Anne's second wedding, where Ryan is her best man, or maybe at Ryan's second wedding... Please do not put Lauren and Ryan together, and definitely respect Anne's sexuality and tell me they'll ALL BE OKAY and FRIENDS FOREVER.

And I mean all of that. The show ended too soon, before it got to really hit a stride, and it was already so much happy for me.

If you are writing Sleepy Hollow, I wrote:

The one where Abbie and Ichabod have a couple days to breathe, and she catches him up on some key facts he missed about the future like oh, sure, the moon landing, but also maybe MASH or some great sitcom, and they discuss clothes and shoes and how much she misses August Corbin and how much he misses EVERYTHING.

And if that doesn't quite cut it for you and your are looking for something else, I am also totes happy to see Abbie being a bad-ass or frankly, whatever floats your boat. There haven't been enough eps of the show yet to know very much. I am not opposed--I am possibly even in favor of--some Abbie/Ichabod hooking up, though I want them to know each other so much better first, and I so do not want him to feel like he's cheating on his wife--neither guiltily nor caddishly, so there would have to be a plot element that accounts for it, or the passage of time/grief, so please take those elements into consideration if your bent turns smutty.

If you are writing 30 Rock, I said:

A day in the life of Grizz & Hers plus a nod to all the crazy stuff that indicates their lives go on?

At this point, I think you can see that I like ensembles, friendship, happy things, and life going on. That said, 30 Rock is a weird thing, and... you gotta do what you gotta do. Would happily suck down some Queen of Jordan nonsense, as well.


I prompted:
I love everyone on the show, just everyone, and it doesn't have to be limited to the choices above. I'd love to see them just do something really random or unexpected for Donna in the Donna tradition--like she has them show up to her surprise wedding or something. OR just show them all being awesome to each other.

You could literally write me anything about their stupid happinesses and I would be full of my own stupid happiness. The one where Leslie launches a war against Michigan to get Anne back? The one where Leslie is president? The one where Leslie babysits Ron because Diane has to go out of town and he's dadding it on his own for the first time? ANYthing.