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Nov. 19th, 2011 @ 12:00 am Dear Yuletide Santa
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I'm terribly serious about optional details being optional. The fandoms I've requested in have received so little love, that even if it weren't in the Yuletide spirit, I would STILL love anything you bestowed upon me and these fandoms of obscurity, even if they shared NOTHING with my requests or details. So feel free to let the Yuletide spirit move you in mysterious ways. I will be your happy reader regardless.

That said, I am well aware that freedom can be crippling. So I hope my details are helpful in focusing you, if that's the case. I think they're pretty clear, but hey, I wrote those details a few days ago, so I'll try to, uh, clarify further.

With regard to Drop Dead Diva, as long as you don't write me Stacy/Fred, I'll be happy. I think we can all agree that Stacy is going to have to find god or something to deserve Fred back, and frankly, Fred needs to move on. So if you find yourself otherwise uninspired by my desire for angst or smut or angstsmut (which, frankly, when I suggested the alternative ending of Grayson's not-wedding, I meant the ending where he doesn't pass out drunk on Jane/Deb and there is hot sex, regret, and revelation--certainly not the ending where he actually marries Vanessa).

Likewise, as I find myself angered by Grayson, I could just read pages of Teri or Jane or Stacy or Fred or hell, even Parker, or anyone giving him hell for not seeing how awesome Jane is, whether or not she's Deb, or calling him out on being a shallow asshole, or whatever. I mean, frankly, Deb didn't get into heaven because she was kind of a moral nothing, right? So I'd like to see something that addressed that fact, that Grayson could have and perhaps should have done better than Deb, or should have done better WITH or BY Deb, and not allowed her to remain shallow and self-obsessed. Which seems like a condemnation of Deb, which it is not meant to be, but you know, I keep myself up at nights occasionally wondering how much of Jane's heart/moral compass is actually still Jane.

Alternatively, I wouldn't mind seeing Grayson Goes to Italy. I have a feeling the show is going to pick up months later, after Parker and Jane return from their jaunts away from the firm, and it's going to suck.

Now, overall, I think Owen is a dude that needs some exploration, and I hope that the show gives him another season to woo and win Jane, perhaps to Grayson's detriment, but I've been rooting for Grayson for long enough that I just want to read some satisfying id-fic that gets me what I thought I wanted without complicating things with super-intelligent, deep-voiced, cultured judges who are probably way better for Jane/Deb in the long run.

Okay, that got long.

As for Being Erica, I suppose my feelings are no less complicated. In my details, I listed several scenarios I would enjoy, but I must say, the root of it all for me is that I was seriously into Erica/Kai all S2, and seriously into Erica/Adam all S3 (and while I WAS into Erica/Ethan S1, they killed that well enough for me in S2. But they didn't manage to kill Erica/Kai for me, so that's nice). Anyway, what I'm driving at is that the show is frequently very, very good at the kind of emotional exploration and "going-there" that sometimes makes fic unnecessary, plus has AUs up the wazoo, BUT there aren't many episodes per season, and I might never get all or any of the flavors of what I want. So whatever you give me will be exciting. And if you have a 7th option? Be my guest.

(I realize I wrote in scenario 2: "Angst ensues. With or without sex. With or without any of the participants." Uh, yeah. "Any" was the wrong word. I meant "all.")

Finally, Cougar Town! Yeah, I'm sorry I don't have any super great suggestions there, because there's so much I want. I did have the random idea in the shower that they run into some Cougarton Abbey farce, though I don't know how. Random, as I said. Anyway, I'm a bit sentimental about imagining Laurie growing as a person and eventually, well, not ending up with Travis, but maybe? Or with Smith? Or Kevin! Or maybe Bobby? Or maybe Bobby gets back together with Jules and Laurie ends up with Grayson? I mean, Laurie probably wants kids. And Bobby is a different person than he was when Jules divorced him. I am not terribly into that, I just want everyone to be happy. And I can't imagine them being happy outside the group, even though that's silly. Anyway, I spent a long time wanting Jules and Grayson to get together, and that happened, and they're addressing it as well as I hoped.

I haven't mentioned Ellie and Andy, because they are my weird little happy place, and I like them where they are.

Anyway, dear Santa, that's what I've got. I sincerely hope that this was ANY help to you.

All the best,