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Nov. 16th, 2009 @ 04:40 pm Dear Yuletide Santa
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HIMYM Threesome
I say this every year.

I'm easy. I will be deeply delighted by whatever you write. I am not married to anything. This year, I seem to want future fic, for some reason, but you know what? I like past fic. And crazy adventures. And romps. And farce.

I like stories with humor. Wry humor, really, but broad slapstick will do. I like happy endings. I like poignant moments and little details. I like discovering the secret things
you've discovered about the characters as you write them.

On Community, I really do love the ensemble. I love Jeff becoming a better person, but slowly. I love Britta's shell cracking. Actually, what's Britta's true history? Why is she so bad with people? But I love wacky Abed (who doesn't?), too. I love that he could either make a million dollars some day or just end up running the falafel business, and probably be happy either way. I see romance in his future, too. Anyway. There's probably nothing you could write me that wouldn't delight me, as long as it was a little bit funny, and a little bit true.

And, oh, Cougar Town. The show whose name repulses those who do not watch it. I was using a magnifying mirror in a hotel this weekend, and all I could think of was Jules wrenching it out of Laurie's hands. And I laughed. And put the damn mirror away. I LOVE THIS SHOW. ANYTHING WOULD BE GREAT. You know, Laurie/Travis is weirdly interesting, though you know, not all the way, or maybe when Travis is older. I love when he shows her that there are better guys out there, and I actually found the conversation Laurie and Jules had about this hilarious and weirdly touching. Huh. What about Laurie/Grayson, then? But seriously, anything. ANYTHING. You could write me the crack fic where they're all running a 1920's bordello together, and I would love you.

Which leads me to Drop Dead Diva. In the "anything" realm, anyway. Maybe not the bordello thing. The only thing I'm not so keen on is Fred/Stacy--I mean, that's just heartbreak in a bottle, give it up, Fred--because I don't see a happy ending there, and besides, Jane is my favorite. Whatever you do, I want some Jane. She doesn't have to be the main character--like, Kim thinking how much she's annoyed by Jane is fine, because there's Jane, see?--but Jane's the heart of the show, and I love her. If you're really stuck for ideas, I wouldn't mind seeing Kim find out Jane's true story--and being forced to believe it somehow--and having an emotional reaction to that. If you want to go whole hog and write the epic where Grayson figures everything out? That's fine too. If you just want to do tiny character sketches? That's fine, too. Everyone singing karaoke together! Everyone finding out the truth! Parker or Kim or someone finding out that the afterlife is real in the most inconvenient way possible, such as ending up in Stacy's body, or better, Teri's! Farce! Drama! I will love it all!

For Graceling, I have less threshold for "whatevs!"--perhaps because it's not an ensemble, and I really only care about knowing Bitterblue's life turns out okay. I know Katsa will be okay. (Po might not; loving Katsa is a bit tough, I suspect.) Something where Bitterblue and Po work that out might be interesting (how hard it is to love Katsa). Though, if it turns out that you need to write something completely different, I can totally accept that. I really can.

Whatever you write me, be assured I'll be happy to get your story in my stocking on Yuletide Morn.

Date:November 17th, 2009 05:21 am (UTC)
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Thank you, thank you, thank you for posting a letter. I had some ideas, but this helps even more!

Yuletide Santa, like Seacrest, out.